7 Can’t Miss Tips To Make The Most Of Your Socially-Distant Winter

From where we sit, it looks like this winter will consist of many cups of hot coffee from our homes, not the local hipster hangout. As most states are pulling back indoor dining permissions, we plan to spend a lot of time staying warm by our own fireplaces. This means a lot of time spent looking at these oh too familiar walls. 

If you are like us, back in April we could not help but notice all the little things in our homes that could use a facelift but the external angst was too much to knock out that To-Do list. We couldn’t be bothered to cross off the home improvement checklist items while the outside world was burning. It just seemed much easier to think about the warmer months coming and take any excuse to get outside.

That said, #WinterIsComing and with impending social restrictions on the horizon, there’s no better time than now to finally replace that window with the cold air draft or finally put a security system in place for peace of mind as we hibernate. We’ve compiled a quick and easy checklist to make sure every homeowner is making the most of this opportunity. Yes, that might seem like a stretch but we are staying positive over here so “opportunity” is what we’re going to call this next phase of social distancing.


1. Make sure your livelihood is physically protected.

Protecting family, property, and assets is the number one priority for every homeowner. However, many families are dangerously ill-equipped or uninformed about risks leaving them vulnerable to a wide range of potential threats. Security is crucial to sleeping blissfully through the night.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Thankfully the actual price for your basic home protection needs is actually quite affordable. Whether you want a Fort Knox level alarm system that would deter even James Bond from walking on your side of the street or merely a front door camera feed accessible from your phone, technology and accessibility is much easier today than ever before. 

Do the right thing and protect your family today.


2. Now that you’re protected from the outside, a home warranty will take care of the inside.

What if I told you you would be using your home appliances more than usual and this wear and tear might cause your refrigerator or oven to crap out in the middle of winter? First of all, grilling in January is not that pleasant for the majority of the country so life without a functioning range is not an option. Without a home warranty plan in place, you could be coming out of pocket for this lofty expense. During holiday season? Ouch.

Home warranty protection is essentially an insurance plan for the expensive things in your house. Because we all know s#!t happens. And there will always be that one headache that ends up costing way more than it should because we need it now. You can avoid the inevitable by leaving this up to the pro’s at American Home Shield. This was your appliances are always protected and the replacement is already squared away for when you need.

That’s why we think a home warranty plan is just another perfect way to live stress free.


3. Remember That To Do List From April You Meant To Get Around To?

If your previous quarantine was anything like mine, there are seemingly an endless number of things to tackle around the house. Maybe it means fixing that leaky faucet so you aren’t counting drips at night instead of sheep. Or you can’t feel your toes because those old windows are letting in the cold faster than the fireplace or heating system can keep up with.

No matter the project, you are just a couple clicks away from a finding local professional to help you get over the procrastination and cross off your home improvement To Do’s and get back to binge-watching that new favorite show.


4. Complete Your Home Improvement Projects Without Dipping Into Your Savings.

Global health and economic uncertainty means you should probably hold onto as much cash as possible. Thankfully there are customizable financing options that will still allow you to take care of your home improvement goals so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Additionally, certain projects like renovating a bathroom or replacing the roof and/or windows can yield a dollar for dollar increase in the value of your home. For these type of projects, we recommend looking into a personal loan so you don’t have to touch your savings and keep growing that nest egg.

Personal loans are the most flexible type of financing available. Whether you want to install that hot tub or buy a new car, you can use a personal loan for pretty much anything. Even better, the interest rates available are often much lower than your credit card APR’s. This way you can get all the benefits of added value without paying upfront.

See how much you can qualify for today with a user-friendly personal loan today.

5. Home Values Are Up And Rates Are Down Across The Board.

A mass migration and reverse urbanization is underway across the country. Just a couple of years ago, everyone was moving back toward cities and more densely populated metros. Well, it turns out that’s not the best idea when a global pandemic decides to wreak havoc on our daily lives. This means dollar signs for suburban homeowners.

If you have not refinanced your home mortgage since March, chances are the value of your home has increased and it is almost guaranteed that available rates today are lower than your current monthly interest statement. As of mid-November, the 10 year Treasury bond, a general benchmark for 30 year mortgages, is down over 100 basis points, or a full percentage in English. This means huge savings could be on the horizon.

Take advantage of a new mortgage today and put money back in your pocket.


6. Harness The Power Of The Sun Even In The Offseason.

It’s no secret that the government has been incentivizing solar panel installation for years. Well, with new lockdown and social distancing guidelines, there is no better time than the present. Since you are already spending most time at home – and racking up those energy bills – you might as well use this availability to get a Solar quote and install some panels to rake in the savings.

Everyone wants to Go Solar in the summer when they are baking in the sun but this causes scheduling issues and potentially even higher installation costs. On the flip side, the colder months are actually a much better time to add some environmentally friendly improvements to your roof. The benefits of solar energy are endless and there’s no better time than the present to take advantage.



No, not GOAL… GOLD. You might ask yourself, “What should I do with all that extra money from reduced mortgage and utility bills?” What do the big boys do when the economy is riding a rollercoaster of uncertainty? How should you be safeguarding your assets when things are all over the place?

Depending on who you ask, many wise investors might say that a certain shift in political power can put our global trade patterns at risk which could cause downward pressure on the value of the dollar. Cue our favorite four letter word: GOLD.

Brilliant investors like Warren Buffet and Ray Dalio are rushing to buy Gold hence it’s year to date increase of 24% as of mid-November. As a homeowner, investing is all about planning for the future and there are many ways to add gold to your portfolio with the right guidance.

See which $GLD strategies make the most sense for you and your family.