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Here’s How You Save Thousands For Your Business By Stopping Credit Card Processing Fees


How? With this little-known credit card processing fee hack.

It may sound crazy but merchants who participate in this program typically see their credit card processing fees go from thousands to less than $100 per month.

We built a processing fee calculator so you can see how much you will save per month.

Imagine having $2,000 extra a month from your business? Most businesses still don’t even know this is possible. That’s why our mission is to educate businesses about this program so that can start saving right away. 

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Our program is open to select businesses. Fill in your contact information and a member of our team will be in touch to coordinate your complimentary rate analysis and to see if you qualify for our program. As part of the rate analysis, we’ll put together a side-by-side pricing comparison that shows what you’re currently paying for processing vs. how much you’ll save with EmpowerLend and their partners.