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Small Business Problems, Solutions Found

EmpowerLend, New York based financial company has been collecting data points with surveys and leveraging other data to help small business owners find the best solution for their businesses and to help them profit with the right capital solutions.

EmpowerLend is using AI Technology to help their clients and prospective clients by understanding their deposits. We help you create the right financial picture to keep your business afloat by forwarding triggers to you when money is needed. We literally stop the phone calls every few months for capital, giving you a home for a true financial partner.

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After hearing clients are looking to tap into the capital markets, but find it challenging to rely on banks, lenders, and credit cards;
EmpowerLend has created a one stop solution for their clients. “AI has helped our clients realize their potential and growth by showing them each quarter how their deposits trigger the money they need for growth” said EmpowerLend Vice President.

By understanding the daily activities of our clients, we know how to deliver the capital and show our clients where they need to tweak their businesses. Our Funding Specialists reach out to their clients monthly showing them how the deposits and expenses are affecting their payments. We help them realize more capital and show them how to increase profits to get more growth.

What Empowerlend is doing is helping these businesses realize their full potential by protecting their financial assets utilizing AI to always be one step ahead.

EmpowerLend takes relationships to another level to build long term growth.

Find out how our NEW solutions can get the capital you need TODAY.

Find out how your NEW solutions can get the capital you need TODAY.

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