The Small Business Checklist: 10 Must-Haves to Ensure your Survival Today

According to the IRS, a record number of new businesses have been formed this year. As the coronavirus continues to spread uncertainty in households and businesses across the world, we are seeing an incredible increase in entrepreneurship. People like you and me are evaluating their current income streams to see how best to survive. 

While this seems drastic, it is true. The survival of the fittest has never been more relevant than today. When it comes to your business, this means creating as much margin for profit and as little margin for error as possible. We need to squeeze every last dollar out of our best ideas to not only protect for the future but also against and unforeseen attacks on our livelihood; physical, financial, emotional, on and on. 

At EmpowerLend, we aim to not only support the financial goals of our customer base but also provide recommendations and tools to help your business grow. Whether this means outsourcing unique marketing jobs or helping get your credit score in order and thus better lending opportunities, we are here to fight through these uncertain times with you.

Now that your business is still standing, make sure your foundation is secure and your expenses are controlled with the following Small Business Checklist:


1. As theft continues to rise, make sure your business is physically protected.

Protecting staff, property, and assets is a priority for every business. However, many businesses are dangerously ill-equipped or uninformed about risks—leaving them vulnerable to a wide range of potential threats. Security is crucial to business success. However, not every company is well-equipped or well-informed enough to adequately safeguard itself from dangers, especially the more insidious threats to data.

Physical security threats such as theft, violence, and disasters have always been an issue for enterprises. ADT takes the time to work with you to understand your business and your unique security needs. They perform a thorough security assessment so that you can build a security solution to protect what’s important to you, while also meeting your budgetary needs.


2. Even your credit card processing system should be a subscription.

Just about every business needs to be able to accept credit cards and debit cards, but choosing a credit card processing company for your small business can be difficult because there are hundreds to choose from and they all offer a similar service. But no worries. You can make it easy for businesses to accept credit card payments in-person and online with the subscription-based merchant services.

FattMerchant can provide the simple & better payment processing with 0% markup.


3. Credit score against the ropes? Use these secrets to help.

When you have access to this powerful system, you’ll have the ability to live a life most people could only dream of… No matter how bad your credit is today . The Smart Money Secret could be your first step towards a life of financial freedom… But because this system is so powerful, we need you to answer a few questions before we can approve your access.


4. Monitor your credit report and score improvement.

Credit monitoring keeps a daily watch on your credit report for any changes that can be linked to fraudulent activity. It works by sending you alerts when there is suspicious activity or changes in your credit, making it easy for you to stay on top of your personal and financial information.

Credit monitoring can help you spot inaccuracies in your credit report that could be the result of identity theft and negatively affect your score. Such negative impacts to your credit could lead to higher interest rates and even a credit card or loan rejection. Keeping track of the changes in your report can give you enough time to repair any issues that might be a factor when applying for new credit. Check Nav here for Free Credit Scores & Business Credit Ratings.


5. If you’ve been denied a loan, we might have a lifeline for you.

People with bad credit scores often find themselves in a particularly challenging situation when the need for quick cash arises. A credit card cash advance is where many people turn, but when you either don’t have a credit card or don’t have a high credit limit, this isn’t an option. Oftentimes, taking out a personal loan from a brick-and-mortar bank or online lender is the only way to bridge the financial gap in these situations.

Bad credit loans are an option for people whose credit reflects some financial missteps or people who haven’t had time to build a credit history. These loans are either secured (backed by collateral like a home or car) or unsecured. Interest rates, fees and terms for these types of loans vary by lender. BadCreditLoans help you find solutions to your financial needs every day.



6. Insurance, insurance, insurance, at all costs.

Most small business owners need small business insurance. Having it can help protect the livelihood you’ve worked so hard to build. The right small business insurance will help cover expensive damage and lawsuits and also protect your company’s personal property and income. It also helps safeguard you against liability claims.


Learn more about the insurance for small business owners and workers’ comp insurance for small businesses.


7. Every possible expense should be agile and digital, even your virtual office.

You can make it easy for customers to reach you and enjoy the suite of features available in the virtual phone system. Phone.com is the modern, work-from-anywhere solution for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses.


8. Gig-economy employees are waiting to help you grow.

Finding a chance to expand your team as needed with experienced freelancers already vetted for business projects? Collaborate with your team, manage projects, and share freelancers – all in one workspace. Skip all the overhead of multiple freelancers, monitor your team’s progress, approve transactions, and set budgets with ease.

Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.


9. Engaging your past and future customers has never been easier.

Looking for free email marketing software to help your business grow? Powerfully-simple email marketing solutions are ready for your business.

Aweber is an email marketing app that allows you to: create a mailing list and capture data onto it. design newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your list. automate your emails marketing via use of ‘autoresponders’.


10. Now that your traffic is rising, protect your strongest asset, your brand.

Building your apps, sites, and services with StackPath gives them serious performance, operational, and business advantages. Users of your app, website, API, content, or whatever else you’re building in the cloud don’t bounce around the world before reaching you, and will have a fast, secure, and seamless experience.